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We help data scientists increase the impact of their work by ensuring that they are working on the right projects using the right tools and processes. We write about a variety of topics ranging from machine learning and engineering fundamentals to project management and communication skills

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Data science best practices

Are you looking for best practices you can implement to increase the impact that your team has? Check out this piece of data science best practices!

Data science project lifecycle

Are you wondering how to structure the lifecycle of a data science project to facilitate alignment and collaboration with stakeholders? Then this is the article for you!

How to choose a ML model

Are you trying to decide which machine learning model to use for your data science project? Check out this comprehensive guide to choosing a machine learning model.

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Topics we love to write about

Gentle introductions to engineering foundations

We provide gentle introductions to engineering foundations that help data teams build analyses that are more reproducible and easier to iterate on.

Version control for data teams
Unit tests for data teams

Duplication in data codebases

Best practices & processes

We help teams introduce the right processes and best practices to ensure they are working on the right projects in a way that makes sense for them.

Scaling the impact of data teams
Knowledge silos in data teams

Data science project proposals
Getting feedback on data projects

Comprehensive guides on machine learning

It is difficult to piece together scattered information from different sources. We create comprehensive guides that help you get all the answers you need in one place.

How to choose a ML model
Baseline models for ML

Evaluating ML models

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