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Christina Ellis

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Christina is a Senior Data Scientist with a Masters degree in Statistics. Between academic research experience and industry experience, Christina has over 10 years of experience building out systems to extract insights from data. At her day job, Christina focuses on building out production-ready machine learning models that are used to make real time predictions on the consumer-facing websites. In addition to her technical expertise, Christina has a passion for mentoring other data professionals and packaging up her results in a way that is digestible for senior leadership and non-technical stakeholders. In her free time, she loves to read popular books on product management, software engineering, and people management so she can better understand the viewpoints of her colleagues and collaborators. 

Preferred tech stack: Python, Spark, SQL, AWS, MLflow, Git

Michael Azarian

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Michael is a practicing Data Scientist with a PhD in Statistics. While working on his PhD, Michael specialized in high dimensional data analysis and Bayesian data analysis. Michael has a passion for working on problems that improve the human condition. He particularly loves woking on problems with biological applications that have the potential to improve human health. 

Preferred tech stack: R, SQL, Git, Jupyter Notebooks

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